Fur Care

Fur Spot Cleaning

* Cleaning with soap and warm water works for small stains and smells

* Spot clean using a moist soft cloth and cleaning solution

* Start by cleaning on the outside area and work into the center in a circular motion

* Use a dry cloth to apply pressure and remove excess moisture

NOTE: If fur is too dirty to spot clean, have it cleaned by a professional fur cleaner.

Fur Drying

Don’t panic if your fur gets a little wet, most furs can handle snow and light rain. If your fur has been soaked through you should immediately take it to a furrier for proper treatment. Excessive heat will cause the leather/fur pelt to harden and shrink. DO NOT tumble or force dry. Air movement while drying is recommended

* Shake out wet or damp fur

* Hang it to dry in a well ventilated room

* Once dry shake it again and comb or brush fur gently if the hairs seem a little bristly

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