About Us

Bird of Paradise London specialises in beautiful Cashmere Knitwear in a wide variety of colours. Our products come from Italy in over 30 colours and are made from a combination of quality Cashmere and Silk making them harder wearing and easier to look after.

Our latest Cashmere collection includes PonchosWraps & Cosy Rollnecks. Worn with one of our Cashmere Wraps, Scarves or Pompom Hats you will be as snug as a bug and ready for the chilly Winter months ahead.

Our classic Poncho and Cosy Rollnecks continue to be Bird of Paradise’s best sellers. We have also expanded our range of Fur Gilets, Fur Tippets, Fur Neck Warmers and Knitted Pompom Hats - the ultimate luxury in outerwear.  We have gone to great lengths to design a Cashmere Knitwear range that is easy to wear, works all year round and can become a staple part of your wardrobe.


For over 10 years, Bird of Paradise London has been providing thousands of satisfied customers with beautiful products.  Bird of Paradise offers great quality at affordable prices.  Our Cashmere range will wash easily, retain its shape, keep you beautifully warm and will work effortlessly with any wardrobe.

The knitwear is 40% cashmere, 15% silk, 15% wool and 30% mix – they are soft, comfortable, hard wearing and come in a stunning array of colours.

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